Transformation Stories

Tara (25), of Caribbean and White heritage, has a long history of depression caused by the loss of a child. She struggles with low self-confidence and was at risk of losing her job. She also felt responsible for a parent who abuses alcohol. Since completing a course of counselling she felt able to arrange a meeting with her HR department to negotiate a reduction of hours and plan a phased return to work. She is now exploring accommodation options available to her.

Leah (49) of Polish and Italian heritage, has a history of depression and physical health issues caused by long-standing trauma. English is not her first language, so she sometimes finds it difficult to understand what is being said. She struggles to care for her three young children and leave the house. She was referred by social services as part of safeguarding concerns. Since completing counselling, instead of keeping her youngest at home, she feels able to takes the child to nursery three times a week and her engagement with social services has improved.

Grace (41) is Portuguese and was referred by the Mental Health Assessment & Recovery Team. Her mental health is volatile and despite medication, she still heard voices and struggled to leave home. The voices told Grace something was wrong with the water, so washing or showering would make her unwell. She struggled to meet people – perhaps because of the strong odour attached to her. After a few sessions, Grace was washing at the sink using a flannel up to three times a week. She is now working towards feeling able to take showers.