USAWA Cultural Confidence and Competence Training Courses

USAWA Training   (Usawa is Swahili for equality)

Cultural Confidence & Competence Training Course

Equalities - Cultural Confidence & Competence
- Systems Change

A one day tailored course available on request for community, statutory & non-statutory organisations

USAWA will help gain a greater understanding of working with diverse client groups and communities, focussing on knowledge, awareness, attitudes, skills and behaviours.
Using our long experience of working in a BAME-led street level agency, our experienced facilitators deliver culturally appropriate, learner centred and responsive approaches to engage, inspire and empower learners to improve their practice.

Nilaari regularly also delivers this course to students at local universities.

Feedback from UWE students
• The course opened my eyes to thinking beyond what you see physically
• I will stop and ask myself if I am making assumptions
• I learned more about other cultures and will be more upfront about asking service users direct questions (sensitively) and not jump to conclusions
• More aware of discrimination and have the confidence to challenge it

To arrange a USAWA course, phone 0117 952 5742 and ask for Shelagh