Mental Health/Talking therapies

Mental Health Services

Bristol Mental Health - Overseen by the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group and led by Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Nilaari along with several other public and voluntary sectors mental health service providers, employ three Recovery Navigators, in three geographic assessment and recovery teams across the city.  These teams provide local psycho-social interventions, focusing on supporting individuals to build resilience and improve well-being. 

Bristol Wellbeing Talking Therapies - Effective engagement with individuals from BAME groups is essential if Bristol Talking Therapy services are to meet the mental health conditions of the whole community. The need for us to work collaboratively with other community and statutory providers is crucial.  As one of several providers delivering a range of talking therapies to people living in Bristol and surrounding  areas, we ensure that all the courses we offer are accessible to people from BAME communities.  We deliver one-to-one low and high intensity therapy and run a variety of cognitive behavioural therapies courses for men and women. 


Our Courses

 •       For Women: Women’s Emotional Regulation, Raising Self Esteem, Women’s Anger

•       For Men: Overcoming Anger, Men’s Emotional Regulation, Grounded

We have 2 new programmes for women which run several courses and workshops
Bluebird for young women aged 18-25 years
Group discussion can help us see that we are not alone in out struggles. A discussion can be a place where we give ourselves permission to sit with our emotions, to release some of our distress and receive support in managing difficulties. Contact
Yellow Bird for women aged 25+ with mental health difficulties
The project will provide a range of engagement opportunities that will be  inclusive, creative and agile, welcoming women from all backgrounds.  We will respond to the needs of project members and offer opportunities to develop tools and knowledge around mental health in a non-judgemental and fun environment. The project will provide support, run regular groups, workshops and courses to enable women to build their confidence, resilience, self-esteem and wellness. The programme will be based at Nilaari Agency, though some sessions will happen in venues across the Bristol communities. Contact