Courses & Groups 2019

About our courses

Our courses can help you learn practical ways of managing your problems alongside others who are struggling with the same issues. Courses consist of 6 weekly sessions, lasting 1.5 hours on weekdays or evenings, and occasionally Saturday mornings.

Courses are a bit like an evening class. A facilitator will explain ideas and techniques and open up discussions. Sessions are very informal with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Each group has a maximum of 10 people.  While we welcome participation, you don’t have to share secrets or say anything at all if you don’t want to.

The courses are mainly based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). We will focus on how you think, so you can change the way you feel and act. All of this will be explained at the first session.

Men Overcoming Anger – This 6 week course explores anger and aggression, developing skills and techniques to help you cope better, understand your anger and minimise your aggression. By changing old patterns of anger we cultivate a sense of well-being. 

 Emotional Regulation for Women – This is a women’s group running over 6 weeks to explore the process of ‘making friends with our emotions’. By building positive experiences and reducing vulnerability, the course helps participants to befriend and manage our emotions.

Building Self-Esteem for Women – A 6 week program supporting women between 18 and 24 years to work towards a more confident and secure sense of self. The group is interactive and involves discussions where we learn how to understand ourselves and our vulnerabilities. This leads participants to discover and develop their natural strength.

Grounded! – This course is designed to help men to explore how the concept of masculinity contributes to shaping their identity. There is a myth that women are the only ones allowed to have mood swings, but men are allowed to have them too. The course can help men identify the triggers that cause them to experience the anxiety, stress, frustration, sadness and anger that can be associated with body chemistry and loss of male identity.

For further information about any of our courses or groups, call  0117 952 5742 and ask for Dee

Bristol Changes – is a mental health charity that provides peer support meetings for adults who suffer mental distress. They currently run 9 meetings every week in different places around the city. They hold  a drop-in group at Nilaari every Monday afternoon from 1 – 3pm.  Anyone welcome.

For further information e-mail   ☎︎0117 941 1123