Our Projects

Projects 2020/21

Monies for new project

The C19 Crisis Support Partnership Project seeks to address the wider effects on mental health and wellbeing of BAME people to prevent mental needs deteriorating further.
Nilaari will oversee this project to increase mental health support for people from BAME communities across BNSSG, leading a partnership with Bristol Black Carers and Bristol Somali Resource Centre.
Who we can support: Partners will work together to support any person from a BAME background experiencing mental health difficulties or emotional distress.

Men's Projects 

Jabari* Men’s Project: A project to engage men with complex needs including those with an offending history. One to one and group sessions are available. Places for these interventions are allocated from various referral routes as well as by self-referral. Please contact zara.b@nilaari.co.uk or 01179525742 for more detail.

*Swahili for ‘Brave Ones’

Women's projects

Yellow Bird Project (Women 25 years & above): This project aims to provide a range of interventions for women with mental health issues who may have previously struggled to engage with support. Using one to one sessions workshops or groups to increase confidence, self-esteem and build resilience. Please contact zara.b@nilaari.co.uk or 01179525742 for more detail.

Bluebird Project (Women 24 years & under): This project aims to provide confidential, culturally sensitive one to one and group programmes for women in a range of educational and other settings. Bluebird focuses on young women who are dealing with day to day struggles that can become overwhelming and can have a negative impact on their sense of self. Please contact zara.b@nilaari.co.uk or 01179525742 for more detail.

Exhale: An informal weekly drop-in session for any woman, to provide a safe space in which to connect with others and receive facilitated peer support. Sessions are online  on Thursdays.

Weaver Bird: Starting shortly, the Weaver Bird project will support BAME migrant women, including refugees and asylum seekers who live in Bristol and who have mental health needs. The project will support the women to create their own network where they can express their feelings, seek timely help from mental health services and, as a result, turn their lives around, make better choices, achieve more honest communications with families and lift their low moods and depressions.

Please contact nilaari@nilaari.co.uk or 01179525742 for more detail.